Voluntary contributions from ATU members to ATU-COPE are used to help elect pro-labor, pro-transit candidates. ATU MEMBERS: If you are interested in becoming an ATU-COPE contributor, please contact a Union Officer for more information.

A message from former ATU 843 President Mark Lowry:

I would like to make a brief comment about our Political Action page, and what it is and is not intended to be.

First, it is not our intention to tell you how to vote. I am well aware that we are a union local that is comprised of very diverse people with a broad range of experiences, outlooks, and political views. We are also a very educated and sophisticated group that is well able to make informed decisions without being led by the hand. I have often personally felt mildly offended by the perception that a union office in Washington was telling me how to vote, and how to think about issues as if I were not up to the task without help. We make no such presumptions at your expense.

This page is intended to be a report to you by the people in your union local that invest their time to dig deeply into issues and candidates, with the very narrow focus of determining which will yield the maximum benefit for your job, and your career’s future.

Many will vote their convictions and choose other candidates and positions. That is your right, and we respect it. Rather, we hope that you will take this as a score-card of sorts as you work through the calculus to arrive at a decision, and that you will weigh this report along with all of the other factors that you will consider.

We hope this has value to you, and that you will fully participate in the political process.

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